Saw found in Denmark may have been used to dismember reporter

Danish detectives are investigating whether a saw recovered by divers from the sea off Copenhagen was used to dismember the body of a Swedish journalist.

Kim Wall was last seen on Aug. 10 with Peter Madsen, who claimed the journalist died after she was accidentally hit by a heavy hatch while onboard his homemade submarine. She’d been working on a story about the 46-year-old Danish inventor, who aspired to launch a manned space mission.

The following day, Madsen was rescued from his sinking vessel and arrested shortly after. Authorities suspect he purposefully sunk the submarine.

Madsen, who claimed he “buried” Wall at sea after she died on his 60-foot-long sub, is being held on preliminary manslaughter charges.


Police and other authorities search a waterway for body remains related to the ongoing Kim Wall murder investigation.

(Jens Dresling/AP)

Authorities discovered Wall’s torso on a coast in southern Copenhagen at the end of August. Detectives are still searching the journalist’s arms while her severed head, legs and clothes were found at sea earlier this month.

Police did not find an injury to her skull consistent with Madsen’s claims.

Wall’s torso had 15 stab wounds and marks in the same area indicate someone tried to press air out of the body so it wouldn’t float, CBS reported.

The homemade submarine "UC3 Nautilus," built by Danish inventor Peter Madsen, who is charged with killing Swedish journalist Kim Wall.

The homemade submarine “UC3 Nautilus,” built by Danish inventor Peter Madsen, who is charged with killing Swedish journalist Kim Wall.


Her cause of death has not been determined.

Investigators suspect Madsen killed Wall and then cut up her body. He then allegedly used a belt to attach a pipe to the torso in order to make it sink.

Amid their investigation, detectives discovered videos on the suspect’s personal computers that show women getting tortured, decapitated and murdered. Prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen told the news station the clips are considered to be real.

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